Individual & Couples Therapy

Because time does NOT heal all wounds.

Sometimes, in your life, things are not going the way you want.
You 're hurting and feeling out of control. You've tried to solve the problems on your own or maybe you have confided in a close friend or family member. Yet, you're still not feeling any better. At times like this, and we've all been there, therapy can help. You can learn new skills and coping strategies; you can even change the way you think about a problem.

Sharing your story with an unbiased professional not only feels good, it reminds you that there are usually other solutions and options that you never even considered.

Call me today at (312) 595-9547 or email me at and let's get started!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a great resource in the following situations:

Major Life Changes

You are going through a major change
in your career or personal life.

Relationship Issues

You are trying to recover from a
bad relationship.

Stress and Anger

You are finding yourself stressed and overwhelmed, or are angry and having trouble managing your anger.

Something Is Off

You are just not feeling
like yourself.

So, please, if you're struggling and just want to feel better, give me a call or send me an email.
We'll come up with a plan to address your problems, and I'll support you along the way.
I promise to do my best to help you get relief, find solutions, and feel happier.
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Couples Therapy

Take the first step toward building a happy and healthy relationship.
"Our greatest
joy and our greatest pain comes in our
with others."

- Steven Covey

Couples therapy can be really helpful at the following times:

• You're taking that next step!
You're moving in together or getting married or having a baby. While you're excited, you're also nervous. How do you handle this transition and build your relationship?

• "You've lost that loving feeling."
You love your partner, but you're feeling disconnected. Communication is off, you're arguing a lot, and there's not much sex. How do you start talking, stop fighting, and get close again?

• There's been a crisis!
You've just discovered that your spouse has been lying to you or cheating on you. You're devastated and angry and wonder if the relationship can be saved. How will you ever get beyond this and trust again?

• The relationship is over.
You have decided that the relationship is not working and can't be fixed. You're breaking up or divorcing, and you're feeling sad and ​scared. How do you (and your kids) get through this?

So, please, if your relationship is going through a stressful time, don't wait to get help.

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About Me

I've been doing psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families for almost 30 years.
I enjoy helping people learn new skills, make the changes they want, and achieve peace and happiness.
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• Graduate of Northwestern University Medical School
• Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts
• Past Senior Affiliate Therapist and Supervisor for The Family Institute of Northwestern University
• Allied Health Professional at Kindred Hospitals of Chicago
• Consultant Psychologist at SelfHelp Home in Chicago
• Supervisor for Adler School of Professional Psychology
• Member, American Psychological Association
• Member, Illinois Psychological Association and Massachusetts Psychological Association

Frequently Asked Questions

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